about the ame awards



Now approaching its 24th year since inception, the AME Awards® for advertising and marketing effectiveness founded in 1994, continues to honor work that demonstrates ground-breaking solutions to challenging marketing problems, internationally.

Winning campaigns address a challenge in the marketplace, with the creation of a thorough marketing plan to deliver a successful execution, and utilizing outstanding creative elements; they exhibit specific objectives accomplished through creative execution and strategic planning.

The Grand Jury, is comprised of top industry experts from all over the world; and for the first two rounds of judging this group of esteemed individuals is divided by region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific); thus, allowing all entries to be reviewed in its social, economic, and cultural context to determine the Shortlist and Medalists. This round also decides the AME Green Award winner—the highest scoring, Gold-winning entry for a company whose emphasis is on resource conservation and negative environmental impact.

For the third and final round of judging, the jury comes together as one international panel to determine the Platinum winners for each region from amongst the Gold Award winners. The campaign from this round that earns the highest score is awarded the highest honor in the AME Awards, the AME Grand.

Campaigns that win an AME Award are showcased throughout the world; by being honored through a variety of international press announcements and further showcase opportunities.

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