10 questions with with Guy Hayward

global business development director, BETC paris

When you think you’re going crazy with ideas in the midst of a campaign, an award such as this reminds you that creativity can make the difference.Guy Hayward


1. What are your top three criteria when deciding if a campaign is successful?

I think there is only one: positive impact on the brand’s fortunes.

2.What are your favorite campaigns of all time?

Lots of Nike stuff, the good old days of Playstation work ("Fun anyone?"), the recent Chrysler work in the US.

3. Do you have any advice for our entrants?

Focus on the true impact on the brand, not intermediary steps like success in social media.

4. How has the definition of success for advertising campaigns changed over the years?

Despite all the new ways of people talking about campaign success, the true measure of success remains the impact on the brand.

5. What’s the biggest campaign challenge you’ve faced?

A German sports brand telling my agency that they wanted to be better than Nike!

6. What, in your opinion, is the number-one mistake to avoid when creating an AME entry?

The AME’s are dedicated to effectiveness. The worst thing you can do is to be unclear about how the results are tied in with the campaign’s objectives. You have to be specific. And you have to be specific about the effect on the brand. Setting social media channels alight is not enough.

7. What can a small market entry do to compete with one from a large market?

A small market campaign can be as effective as one from a large market. The key is to demonstrate the transformational impact of the work on the brand.

8. Which aspect of the AME Awards made you interested in judging?

The fact that it is centered on the effectiveness of a campaign. It honors creativity that delivers results, instead of just focusing on the big idea behind the campaign.

9. How do you feel regional judging and maintaining an international jury affect the outcome of a competition?

Sometimes in our business campaigns can become known as a great success because people like the brand or the creative campaign without knowing how effective the work has really been. An international jury fed by the recommendations of a regional judging panel is a good system of ‘checks and balances’ where local relevance is taken into account while ultimate judging is based on what can prove its effectiveness, as opposed to what people know and like.

10. What do you consider the value of an AME Award to a winner?

It’s proof that what you work on every day is effective and delivers results. When you think you’re going crazy with ideas in the midst of a campaign, an award such as this, reminds you that creativity can make the difference.

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