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2017 categories

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  • Products & Services

    • PS01 Automotive/Vehicles (cars, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, trucks)
      PS19 Household Supplies & Services (cleaning products/services, gardening products/services)
      PS02 Automotive/Aftermarket (fuel, repairs, paint, oil change & lube, tires, Accessories, extended warrantees)
      PS03 Beauty Products & Services (cosmetics, self-care, hair products, nail care, salons, spa services)
      PS04 Beverages, Alcoholic (beer, wine, liquor)
      PS05 Beverages, Non-Alcoholic (juice, soft drinks, coffee, energy drinks)
      PS06 Business-to-Business (human resources, skills assessment, accounting, technical support)
      PS07 Corporate Image (information, rebranding, internal communications)
      PS08 Culture & The Arts (promotion of events, concerts, culinary/cultural/film festivals, museums, theatrical events)
      PS09 Digital Goods (virtual products, memberships, services warranties, subscriptions digital downloads of books, music, videos)
      PS10 Education (brick-and-mortar or online programs, language classes, instructional sessions)
      PS11 Electronics - Consumer & Business (audio, video, home entertainment, screening rooms, computers/laptops, gaming devices, VR/AR devices, sound systems, UAV/drone)
      PS12 Fashion (clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry)
      PS13 Financial Services (banks, insurance, investment)
      PS14 Fitness & Wellness (exercise and health-focused equipment, health related personal products, vitamins and energy products, health & fitness facilities/programs, weight loss/management/nutrition programs)
      PS15 Food (packaged & frozen)
      PS16 Furniture & Appliances (appliances, furniture, indoor and outdoor decor)
      PS17 Government / Politics (informational Sources, Recruitment, Policy or Program Communications)
      PS18 Healthcare (Prescription and OTC medications)
      PS20 Mass Transportation (train, ferry, subway, Bus, trolley, taxis, bikeshares)
      PS21 Media & Entertainment (digital streaming, broadcasting, publishing)
      PS22 Mobile/Internet (mobile, internet and cable/streaming services)
      PS23 On Demand Products & Services (online marketplace, on demand transportation, food & grocery delivery services, meal kit services)
      PS24 Personal Care (items for hygiene including toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, mouthwash, body wash)
      PS25 Pet Care & Health Products (food, grooming products & health aids, accessories, toys)
      PS26 Professional Services (legal, accounting, technical support)
      PS27 Real Estate (both commercial and residential)
      PS28 Retail Stores & eCommerce (all retail and e-commerce)
      PS29 Restaurants (fast food, casual dining, fine dining, promotions & launches)
      PS30 Snack Items and Desserts (candy, baked goods, ice cream, chips)
      PS31 Software & Apps (software, operating systems, or software/apps)
      PS32 Sports Promotion (league promotion, game day, special events including Olympics, world cup and championships)
      PS33 Sports & Recreation (equipment & products leisure activities)
      PS34 Travel & Tourism (airlines, cruises, resorts, theme parks, tours & travel packages, booking services)

  • Creativity for Positive Impact

    • CPI01 Civic / Social Education
      CPI02 Environment and Sustainability
      CPI03 Philanthropic appeals
      CPI04 Promotion of Peace / Human rights
      CPI05 Promotion of Health & Human Services
      CPI06 Emergency Relief
      CPI07 Collaboration / Partnerships

  • Best Use of Discipline

    • UD01 Ambient
      UD03 Avant Garde / Innovative
      UD05 Branding
      UD02 Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality
      UD04 Branded Content/Entertainment
      UD07 Creative Use of Technology
      UD06 Corporate Image
      UD08 Design
      UD09 Digital/Mobile
      UD10 Direct & Collateral
      UD11 Integrated (multiple mediums)
      UD12 Low-Budget (<$100,000 USD)
      UD13 Media Planning
      UD14 New Product/ Services Launch
      UD15 Promotions
      UD16 Public Relations
      UD17 Sponsorship

  • Best Use of Medium

    • UM01 Audio/Radio
      UM02 Activation & Engagement
      UM03 Branded Content / Entertainment
      UM04 Collateral
      UM05 Creative Partnerships
      UM06 Events
      UM07 Gamification
      UM08 Guerrilla
      UM09 Outdoor / Out-of-Home
      UM10 Point-of-Purchase
      UM11 Pop-Up Stores
      UM12 Print
      UM13 Social Media & Influencer
      UM14 Social Video
      UM15 TV & Cinema
      UM16 Website

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