New York Festivals World's Best Advertising®, AME Awards & the if: Inspiration Festival - Sept. 25-27 2006

New York Festivals World's Best Advertising
AME Awards & the IF: Inspiration Festival
September 25 – 27, 2006

“Award Shows? No, thank you. Too boring, too long and too many awards!”

Sound familiar? Of course it does. Well, the New York Festivals (NYf) has decided it’s time to take a very non-traditional approach to showcasing award-winning work and its creators: three inspiration-filled days, three unique and exclusive locations, and 35 enlightening speakers and presenters – three days that promise to stimulate creativity, all ending with parties and entertainment, and all in New York City!

Things get started on Monday, September 25 and continue through Wednesday, September 27. The days begin with some of the world's most fascinating, innovative and inspiring personalities for an engaging exploration and celebration of the heart of creativity. The NYf award-winning work will be exhibited during the evening cocktail parties. Monday will showcase the NYf TV, Cinema and Radio winners and the AME winners. On Tuesday, the Interactive & Alternative Media winning work will be honored. Wednesday is reserved for the winners of the Print and Design categories.

There will be no waiting around a dark theatre for hours in a monkey suit, no walking down a long aisle to cross a bare stage to tepid applause, and no enduring all that without even getting the opportunity to “thank the Academy”. But there will still be trophies and photo ops.

The speakers, venues, parties and entertainment are being produced by a new entity, IF: Inspiration Festival. More information can be found at

There are only 150 tickets available for the events, so a word to the wise: get yours early! The fee for three days of exclusive events crafted to celebrate the spirit of great work and the creativity needed to create it is $675. Also, book your air and hotel rooms right away – our events are running concurrent with the third annual “Advertising Week”, and the city will be sold out soon (last year it was attended by 40,000 advertising professionals). Go to for their details.

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About IF: Inspiration Festival

if is an opportunity to find inspiration, discuss the creative process, exchange ideas, and take action. It is a 3 day series of immersive events, under the banner of Inspiration. Featuring interactive presentations, workshops and discussions to activate creativity, if encourages collaboration.

By day, if is a speaker series featuring thought leaders from a cross-section of industries such as art, science, technology, business and media. By night, if transforms into interactive, immersive parties and performances.

if speakers and presenters include painters, DJs, architects, scientists, designers, chefs, art historians, technologists, inventors, and media visionaries. In other words, the people who make New York inspiring. At each location, if proposes an immersive environment featuring interactive presentations, workshops and discussions to activate creativity and encourage collaboration.

if destinations are a bit unconventional and off the beaten path, with an emphasis on access to highly talented people in creative fields that also captures the distinctiveness and diversity of New York City.

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