new to the ame awards®


ame awards®, for advertising & marketing effectiveness now recognizes campaigns on both the regional and international levels. To ensure entries are judged within the cultural and economic relevance of their own region, we have created juries based on five global regions:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

Each entry is initially judged by a panel of jury members from the entrant's region—people who have a clear understanding of the markets within that specific part of the world. The Gold winners from each region will then be judged by the entire AME International Grand Jury, spanning all five regions, who will crown the recipient of the newly created Platinum Awards, the most effective advertising campaign from each region. (Note: If there are no Gold winners in a particular region, no Platinum Award will be presented in that region.) The International Grand Jury will also determine the International Grand AME, presented to the best scoring entry from across the globe.



Judges evaluate each entry according to four separate, specific criteria to determine overall advertising effectiveness:

  • Challenge/Strategy/Objective: 20%
  • Creativity: 25%
  • Execution: 25%
  • Results/Effectiveness: 30%


The Green AME Award honors the one entry that best meets the objectives of a company whose emphasis is on resource conservation and reducing any negative impact to the environment.

The Platinum AME Awards are presented to the top overall entry from each of the five regions. An entry must win a Gold Award in order to qualify for the Platinum Award.  Should there be no Gold Award in a particular region, no Platinum Award will be presented.


The 2016 AME competition has strategically redefined entry categories to reflect the current trends in the evolving advertising and marketing industry. New categories added for this competition:

  • Products & Services - Education
  • Business to Business - Healthcare

The AME Awards receives entries from over 45 countries. An award winning advertising effectiveness campaign addresses challenges in the marketplace, utilizes outstanding creative elements, and incorporates a thorough marketing strategy to deliver a successful execution. Entries vary in this international competition, ranging from a single spot that changed a brand to an international campaign that changed the world.

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