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    • 1.     Does my entry have to be a fully integrated campaign?

      No, as long as you can accurately prove its effectiveness and ability to engage the consumer, you may submit a single entry.

        2.     Can I enter the same campaign into multiple categories?

      Yes you can—and we encourage you to do so! Should you have any questions about which categories are right for your entry, email us or give us a call at +1 212/643.4800 and we’ll help you out.

        3.     Do I have to pay two entry fees in order to compete on both the regional and international level?

      No. If your entry achieves Gold winner status, it will automatically advance to the international round for consideration for a Platinum Award and the International AME Grand Award.

        4.     Can I submit one file with all of my supporting material?

      Yes, and we encourage you to do so—the more concise and organized your entry is, the better. The jury wants to seamlessly evaluate entries, and submitting everything in one file makes their job a lot easier. View entry specifications here.

        5.     Can I mail in my entries?

      You can mail in your entries, but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our super convenient, super easy online entry and upload system. But if you must use the post, please refer to the Rules & Regulations more detailed instructions. Note: All entries submitted using offline entry forms are subject to an additional fee of 20% of entry cost.

        6.     Can I create a video that documents the campaign for my entry?

      Yes—and we strongly recommend that you do! A case video that clearly demonstrates the challenge, creativity, execution, and effectiveness of a campaign ultimately does the best job illustrating the work. Besides, it’s much more entertaining for our judges! Check out our 2016 Winners Showcase to see some examples of excellent video entries.

        7.     If I submit a case video that includes answers to all of the long-form questions, do I need to reenter all of that information in the brief?

      The longer form answers give you the opportunity to provide more details and context than you might have time for in your video, but if your time is short, you may type "See Video Entry" in the response fields.

        8.    How does judging work?

      The Grand Jury is comprised of top interactive and multidisciplinary marketers, media planners, strategy directors, social media experts, and creative directors from all over the world. For the first two rounds of judging, the Jury is divided by region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific), allowing each entry to be reviewed in its social, economic, and cultural context to determine the Shortlist and Medalists. This round also decides the AME Green Award winner—the highest scoring, Gold-winning entry for a company whose emphasis is on resource conservation and negative environmental impact. For the third and final round of judging, the jury comes together as one international panel to determine the Platinum winners for each region from amongst the Gold Award winners. The campaign from this round that earns the highest score is awarded the highest honor in the AME Awards, the AME Grand.

      Judges are asked to evaluate specific criteria in scoring an entry’s overall effectiveness, and provide four separate, weighted scores analyzing specific attributes of the work according to the following matrix:

      1. Challenge/Strategy/Objectives – 20%
      2. Creativity – 25%
      3. Execution – 25%
      4. Results/Effectiveness – 30%

      Click here to view this year's Grand Jury members.

        9.     When are the AME winners announced?

      Winners will be announced in March 2017.

        10.     What do we receive if we win?

      A lot! Aside from a nice, shiny trophy for your shelf (and you can share the glory and order personalized awards for the rest of your team here), you'll earn the stamp of approval from advertising and marketing industry leaders from all over the globe. And if that’s not enough, you'll also get an invaluable amount of PR and exposure as a result of your win, ensuring your campaign lives well beyond its media buy. Winners are honored through the Winners Showcase on AMEAwards.com, as well as through social media, blog posts, and announcements to the international press through our media contacts throughout the world. A pretty incredible ROI!

      And here’s how some of our judges rate winning an AME Award:

      It should be quite an honour to win and AME Award because it is judged and viewed to be the best and most effective in the world by an international group of judges. Cheuk Chiang – CEO, Asia-Pacific PHD
      I would certainly say winning an AME would place the winner on the market scene as a successful professional in today’s communication industry. Prashant Sankhe – ECD, PerceptGulf UAE
      It's good to know you've worked hard to create outstanding work that itself has worked hard for the people who originally commissioned it. Robert Mitchell – Managing Director, Zed Communications


      1. Winning an AME Award solidifies your success in today's communications industry.
      2. AME winners get worldwide exposure through winner showcases, press releases, webinars, global conferences and events, and more.
      3. An AME Award in your trophy case is absolute proof that your company can deliver.
      4. Entering the AME Awards provides you with a platform to showcase your talent in front of a panel of the industry's most accomplished professionals.
      5. The AME Grand Jury is one of the most diverse in the industry, ensuring each entry is judged with a sensitivity to not only different languages, cultures, and nuances, but also with a thorough understanding for the different markets in each region around the world.
      6. You can win an AME in your own region and internationally—all Gold medalists in each regional competition advance to the international competition.
      7. You can enter anything with proven results, from a single spot to a fully integrated campaign
      8. An AME award celebrates everyone who made a campaign a success, from clients and marketers to advertisers and creatives.
      9. The AME Awards continually adapt and adopt to reflect the changes that come in this fast-paced industry.
      10. The AME Awards is dedicated to the client experience, and we're constantly improving our entry process to help you properly and effectively submit your entry.



    • From the AME GrandJury

      1. "Tell the whole story in a clear and concise manner. Put yourself in the judges shoes... do you really want to read every little detail about the campaign?"
      2. "Create something interesting to evaluate"
      3. "Brevity and clarity are an entry's best friend"
      4. "Create a seamless entry, from start to finish"
      5. "Start with the business challenge, then ground us in a cultural or behavioral insight and then present the winning idea which brilliantly connected with the customer. If you over-complicate it or over-explain it, I get suspicious."
      6. "Clearly define the challenge and be convincing when backing up your results"
      7. "Don't create an entry, create a compelling story"
      8. "Live up to the hype. Nothing will kill an entry faster than an unconvincing story about the results"
      9. "Present the idea and then bring it to life"
      10. "Make sure the results relate directly to the challenge that was originally presented"


    • From the AME GrandJury

      1. "Spelling and grammatical mistakes. No excuses"
      2. "Too long and wordy. Less is more"
      3. "Unnecessary information, just give us the juicy bits"
      4. "Lack of focus or consistency. We can tell when you get tired and cut corners on your entry"
      5. "Unanswered questions or holes in the story"
      6. "Don't be predictable"
      7. "Not having real proof. You must be able to back up your proof with real numbers"
      8. "Not enough supporting materials. I can't judge an entry's creativity without supporting materials"
      9. "Inflated results are obvious and transparent"
      10. "Make sure the campaign sells itself to the jury. If it doesn't, it will look like you spent more time on the entry than you did on the actual campaign"



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