why enter the ame awards?

  1. An AME Award in your trophy case is absolute proof that your company can deliver.
  2. Winning an AME Award solidifies your success in today's communications industry.
  3. An AME Award celebrates everyone who made a campaign a success, from clients and marketers to advertisers and creatives.
  4. You can enter anything with proven results, from a single spot to a fully integrated campaign.
  5. Entering the AME Awards provides you with a platform to showcase your talent in front of a panel of the industry's most accomplished professionals.
  6. AME winners get worldwide exposure through winner showcases, press releases, webinars, global conferences and events, and more.
  7. The AME Grand Jury is one of the most diverse in the industry, ensuring each entry is judged with a sensitivity to not only different languages, cultures, and nuances, but also with a thorough understanding for the different markets in each region around the world.
  8. You can win an AME in your own region and internationally—all Gold medalists in each regional competition advance to the international competition.
  9. The AME Awards continually adapt and adopt to reflect the changes that come in this fast-paced industry.
  10. The AME Awards is dedicated to the client experience, and we're constantly improving our entry process to help you properly and effectively submit your entry.

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