Piece #1

Piece #1 - Save as WWF

Jung von Matt
AME Gold Medallion
World Wildlife Fund for Nature
Save as WWF
Consumer Products & Services
Public Service & Not-for-profit

Talent Credits

  1. Dr. Dirk Reinsberg - Managing Director Marketing WWF Germany
  2. Doerte Spengler-Ahrens - Creative Managing Director Jung von Matt/Fleet
  3. Jan Rexhausen - Creative Managing Director Jung von Matt/Fleet
  4. Florian Paul - Managing Director 7seas global content management
  5. Michael Kittel - Copywriter Jung von Matt/Fleet
  6. Michael Behrens - Managing Director Jung von Matt/Next
  7. Dennis Hofmann - Planner Jung von Matt
  8. Henning Müller-Dannhausen - Copywriter Jung von Matt/Fleet
  9. Alexander Norvalis - Art Director Jung von Matt/Fleet
  10. Thomas Reinecke - PR Manager Dederichs Reinecke & Partner
  11. Miriam Paneth - Account Manager Jung von Matt/Fleet
  12. Benjamin Wenke - Account Manager Jung von Matt/Fleet

Campaign Summary

There is hardly an organisation that stands for the protection of primeval forests as strongly as the World Wide Fund for Nature. However, due to the increasing consumption of paper globally, millions of hectares of rainforest are lost forever every year. To protect these forests, WWF has to do what it can to actively reduce paper consumption. The problem: Not very many people are aware of the connection between personal paper consumption and the clearing of primeval forests. Tons of paper are still being wasted every day unnecessarily for printouts. The challenge: To create a campaign thatencourages people around the world to actively reduce their paper consumption. The strategy: “Save as .wwf. Save a tree.” – with .wwf, we developed the first file format that saves trees.So they can do their part to actively protect forests. The results: Thanks to reports and articles, within four weeks, the microsite recorded over 200,000 clicks. And to date, the file format has been downloaded by over 61,000 companies and organisations from 183 countries. A huge success – not only has the issue been anchored into the minds of the public, it has also laid the foundation for sustainable protection of forests.



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