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Piece #1 - Video Case

Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH
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All eyes on S4.
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Talent Credits

  1. Davide Pincin - Head of Residential Communication, Swisscom
  2. Olivier Stähli - Head of Wireless Communication, Swisscom
  3. Guido Heffels - Chief Creative Officer / Founder, HEIMAT
  4. Andreas Mengele - Chief Strategic Officer / Founder, HEIMAT
  5. Myles Lord - CCO, HEIMAT
  6. Michael Schachtner - Group Creative Director, HEIMAT
  7. Raphael Hermann - Senior Copywriter, HEIMAT
  8. Lucas Schneider - Art Director, HEIMAT
  9. Panajot Jelev - Wireless Online Communication Manager, Swisscom
  10. Philipp Gasser - Wireless Online Communication Manager, Swisscom
  11. Nathalie Maibach - Wireless Communication Manager, Swisscom
  12. Sandra Hostettler - Wireless Communication Manager, Swisscom

Campaign Summary

In May 2013, Swisscom and Samsung teamed up to launch the new Samsung Galaxy S4. But instead of just telling people about the new phone, we wanted them to experience it first-hand. We focused on a promotional concept based on one of the smartphone’s unique features: the eye-tracking technology. We installed the S4 inside a specially designed billboard in busy hotspots and invited people to stare at the phone for 60 minutes to try and win it. During those 60 minutes, players were presented with a number of distractions. From police dogs and motorcyclists to a couple fighting and hot dog vendors on fire: a series of professional actors did their utmost to create a scene and steal people’s attention away from the new S4. 1.5 million people joined the action via live-streaming banners on major Swiss news sites. And 150.000 people interacted via a special microsite: All-Eyes-On-S4.ch. Here they could support or distract players by sending tweets and instagrams to the screen of the S4. After four cities and 1.680 minutes of staring, we had 13 proud new owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4. And millions of people joined in the fantastic experience by watching a video of the events. The video went viral in one day, gathered over three million views in just one week and generated a strong fanbase for the brand by tripling subscribers to Swisscom’s YouTube channel. The story of the staring contest was featured in public media all over the world, generating over 12 million ad impressions – reaching every third person in Switzerland and ensuring Swisscom’s position as #1 on the Swiss market. But the success didn’t stop there: The S4 stare-down helped to turn around a declining trend in sales for Samsung and created long-term sales momentum. Our concept took the plain technological feature and placed it directly in the lives of our customers – creating an entertaining approach that Switzerland loved to see and share.



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