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  • House of Little Moments case film
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  • House of Little Moments case film
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Piece #1 - House of Little Moments case film

AME Gold Medallion
Uni Noodle
House of Little Moments
use of discipline
integrated (mixed media)

Talent Credits

  1. Richard Yu - Chief Creative Officer
  2. Nicole Chen - Creative Director
  3. Bell Bai - Art Director
  4. Ariel Wei - Copywriter
  5. Ryu Liu - Art Director
  6. Ivy Lien - Agency Producer
  7. Lo Ging Zim - Director
  8. Innovate Films - Production Company

Campaign Summary

Uni-Noodle struggled with keeping its proudly basic flavour while other competitors started to create variety with loads of condiments. Existing consumers may appreciate Uni-Noodle’s taste, but feel it lacks a sense of newness. The younger generations do not feel emotionally connected with Uni-Noodle. Thus, the objectives of this campaign are: 1. To increase the brand loyalty 2. To attract more youth In the focus group, consumers stated that Uni-Noodle goes well with everything. As far as they are concerned, having instant noodles is one of those sweet moments they give to themselves. So, our strategy is to season Uni-Noodle with the most special flavouring – moods. We developed a concept – flavoured by moods. And we took advantage of the plain flavour of Uni-Noodle to invent various fusion recipes and created a fictional noodle shop as the background in our story. Then, we filmed a micro movie series. The movies were broadcast both online and on mobile phones, while teaser films were aired on TV. After viewing the movies, people could link to a Uni-Noodle cooking recipe website. The campaign immediately became a hot topic. The micro movie series got over 8.7 million views on YouTube within 3 months. We even opened a real “House of Little Moments” due to the positive responses. The campaign successfully strengthened brand loyalty and attracted more youth.



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