Piece #1

  • Nazis against Nazis - Germany's most involuntary charity walk

Piece #1 - Nazis against Nazis - Germany's most involuntary charity walk

Grabarz & Partner/GGH Lowe
AME Gold Medallion
ZDK Zentrum Demokratische Kultur
Nazis against Nazis - Germany's most involuntary charity walk
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public relations

Talent Credits

  1. Philipp Schwartz - Head of Planning
  2. Ina Bach - PR Manager
  3. Boris Grunwald - Creative Director
  4. Jan Wiendieck - Creative Director
  5. Fabian Wichmann - Client
  6. Ralf Heuel - CCO
  7. Florian Grimm - CCO
  8. Fiete Lühn - Art Director
  9. Matthäus Bauer - Copywriter
  10. Alina Meisenbach - Copywriter
  11. Yasemin Boyraz - Art Director

Campaign Summary

Right-wing extremism is still a growing movement in Germany. EXIT-Deutschland is an initiative assisting neo-Nazis, who want to leave the extreme right-wing movement and start a new life. Over 15 years they set up one of the most experienced and successful programs in de-radicalisation and exit-assistance in the world. Despite their valuable work they do not get enough attention and therefore donations to keep it up. Demonstrations are one of the biggest recruitment-tools for right-wing extremists. By taking advantage of their right to demonstrate neo-Nazis actually overrun villages and cities across Germany keeping up their flags. So also the city of Wunsiedel - every year for 20 years now. In 2014 we tricked the neo-Nazis by turning their operation into something pure positive - a charity run, to raise attention and money for EXIT-Deutschland, the anti-nazi initiative. For every meter the neo-Nazis marched they would donate EUR 10,- for their own opting out. We brought in a dilemma as they could either donate for the good or stop their own march. On November 14, 2015, the neo-Nazis choose to march and donated EUR 10.000,- to EXIT-Deutschland. Through our meticulously planned integrated campaign, „Germany’s most involuntary charity walk“ and EXIT-Deutschland have been celebrated by the media worldwide and the mechanism behind „Nazis against Nazis“ has become a role model for anti-nazi campaigns.



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